Susan's Soul artwork by Susan J Richards
Just a few links to my other pages and some of my friends...if you need artwork and  can't find something you like here...just ask me....I have many many friends who paint in a variety of styles and mediums...

My Art Sales site:  Yessy

Facebook: Susan's Soul Artwork by Susan J Richards

My Art Blog: Artwork by Susan Richards

Other sites....

My Graphics Design website: Dragonswebs

My Poetry pages:  Poetry Intro

An  online artists community:  Wet Canvas

Enjoy a peek at some of the many Acrylic painters at Wet Canvas: My WC Friends

Blogs and Artsites of my friends...

The local artist guild: The Oxford Art Guild Blog

My friends from Wet Canvas:   

An Artist at Play

Carol Arlett's Artwork

Calliopes Musing

S. Veldstra Art

Katlee Shank's Artwork

The Art of Kimberly Bustillos
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Painting of a sunrise on a bayou